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Sorry for the lack of posts the past month but my daughters keep getting sick and, in turn, so do I. I thought I had it licked a couple of weeks ago and then it went downhill again. I’m almost back to normal now.

Anna and I have been wanting to try this place since it opened this past fall. We had heard a lot of good things about it and everything we read revolved around the pizza. We finally had an opportunity to go when I suggested this place for brunch to a few friends I hadn’t seen in awhile. We had a noon reservation for 7. Super nice day out. Found a nice spot just down the street from the place although had to feed the darn meter which had a limit of 1 hr ($3???).

Anna and Emma headed in first while I waited for Lilly to wake up. Timing worked out well since my friends were a bit late. I got inside and was met by the hostess. The place is split over two floors. I spied the pizza oven as we made our way up the stairs. The place was pretty empty, at least on the main floor, with the second floor a bit more filled out. I was happy given we had the two kids so could relax a bit.

During our time there I did notice quite a few table with kids. For some reason, I had thought this place would not be kid-friendly but I was definitely wrong.

I ordered a lemonade to start. I think they make it in house.

Anna had ordered a Margherita pizza for Emma while they waited for everyone to arrive so she was chowing on that.

The menu looked pretty good. We decided to do brunch family style. We ordered the chicken and waffles. The waitress asked us if we wanted to add a third chicken thigh to the meal since we were sharing which we did.

The pizzas all looked good. We ordered the Brunch, Geary, and Fillmore pizzas.

We started things off with a salad and chose the wild arugula, strawberries, radish, candied pecans with a balsamic honey vinaigrette.

The salad came out promptly and was delicious!

The chicken and waffles came next and had a big slab of the honey butter right on top!

The pizzas were next. I didn’t get great shots but this one is the Fillmore pizza.

Actually this shot of the Brunch pizza was pretty good. It makes me hungry just looking at it.

So hungry that I had to have a slice!

The Geary pizza shot needs a bit of lighting. It was hidden beneath the Fillmore pizza.

Anna found the Geary a bit too salty for her. It was ok for me but it was a bit salty. We all liked the Brunch pizza best. The Fillmore was ok but for some reason I didn’t like it that much. Although the pizzas were decent and I enjoyed them overall I liked the thin crust pizzas at places like Gialina,  Pizzeria Delfina, and Beretta much better.

As I mentioned earlier, I didn’t think this place was kid friendly but it sure was. They had crayons and paper to keep Emma busy in her highchair. We had to change Lilly at one point and was dreading the how the heck do we change her task. We asked the server about a change table and she led us to it hidden behind a curtain beside the bar.

Dessert was build your own soft serve ice cream. I had read somewhere that they use Straus organic dairy product and make the ice cream in house. Although it wasn’t written anywhere on the menu the server mentioned that we could get half orders.

We got a chocolate/vanilla swirl (1/2 order) for Emma. I ordered a chocolate/vanilla swirl (1/2 order) with caramel. My friends ordered vanilla (1/2 order) with olive oil and sea salt.

We were talking while the orders were being placed in front of us. And then I saw this. Y. I.K.E.S.

My friend called the server over and pointed to the dessert and said nicely, “There’s a hair in it.”. The server was horrified, apologized, and quickly took it away. Next thing I know, the manager comes over with a new one with what seemed like extra caramel.

He also apologized. The server then came back and said she talked to the manager and would be comping this dessert.I was impressed with what they did and how quickly they did it. It actually wasn’t a huge deal (as long as it was replaced) although we kind of joked that it sat so delicately on top of the ice cream that it looked like a garnish!

A co-worker of mine had come here a few weeks back and said the ice cream with olive oil and sea salt was good. And it was.

Here’s a shot of Emma’s plain chocolate/vanilla swirl.


All the desserts were excellent and very generous for a half order. I think we all said, “Wow – this is a half order?! It’s huge!”.

After spending a good 2 hours there (with some running to/from car to feed the meter) we left with Emma and Lilly super tired and delirious from not taking their naps yet.

The server we had was excellent. She was attentive and extremely friendly. The food is good. The atmosphere was very chill and go at your own pace – you didn’t feel rushed.

All in all, we will be back!

Zero Zero

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