Win’s Restaurant (takeout)

Win’s is the best Chinese BBQ place I know of in San Francisco. They cover the typical food dish categories like “chicken”, beef”, “pork”, “congee”, “braised noodles”, “yee mein”, “chow mein and chow fun” but I think the best thing they have is the BBQ meats.

I’ve eaten in countless times and do takeout from time to time. I wanted to order my older daughter’s roast pig from here for her 1st birthday party but when I called I found out they didn’t sell whole pigs. I ended up going on the recommendation of Tina (woman who washes my hair at my haircut place – we talk food all the time). The place she recommended was called Hing Lung Company on Stockton St. in Chinatown. Not to be confused with Hing Lung on Broadway (where I like to get the jook (rice porridge) and the gnau-lei so (“cow’s tongue pastry”)). She said the skin is crispy, there’s a good balance between fat and meat, and they will cut the pig up and put it together nicely.

I went there and bought 2 lbs of roast pork to try and was sold. Here’s a picture from the birthday party. I transported the pig in my car trunk!

Anyways, we had gone to the SF zoo and since Win’s was close by I decided to stop in on the way home. I ordered a whole roast duck ($13.95), 1 lb of roast pork, and 1lb of bbq pork. Total cost: $29.

The roast pork was good with nice crispy skin although I wish he didn’t chop it into such small pieces.

The roast duck is not bad for SF. Decent amount of meat and not too fatty and tasted good.

The BBQ pork was ok although I found it slightly dry. I guess I should have asked for it “half fat,half lean” (sounds better in Chinese).

Overall, I think this place is still the best for Chinese BBQ in SF although I’m always on the lookout for better.

Win’s Restaurant

3040 Taraval Street
San Francisco, CA

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