Boxing Room

Anna’s mum  was in town over July 4th weekend so we were able to leave the kids with her and go out on a rare “date night”! Problem was we didn’t know where to go. I had done a little bit of research beforehand but the places I wanted to try were difficult to get into on short notice.

One place was Frances. We decided to stop by and see how long we had to wait. One hour. Too long unfortunately.

I had read about a new restaurant called Boxing Room that opened up recently in Hayes Valley. I must admit I didn’t know much about it. We decided to drive by, take a look at the menu, and see if they had any availability.

I got a parking spot right out front of the restaurant. It was pretty busy inside but we were able to get seated right away. I think the place used to be where Citizen Cake was. It was really open and spacious with high ceilings. There was an open kitchen towards the back of the restaurant. I liked the feel of the place.


The waitress came by with our menus.


The waitress asked us if we wanted water and gave us a choice of still or carbonated. I didn’t want bubbles in my water so chose still.

We started off the night by ordering two glasses of wine.

As we were looking at the menu, the waitress brought by bread and dip. I can’t remember what the dip was (sorry!) but it was good. Nice touch.

After taking a close look at the menu, I was eyeing the Shrimp Po ‘Boy or Southern Fried Chicken. Anna went with the Po ‘Boy so chicken it was. We decided to order half a dozen oysters split evenly between Hama Hama, Little Skookum, and Buckley Bay. And I had to try the fried alligator.

The oysters were great. I think I preferred them in the order listed above.

A little lemon, a bit of sauce …

I didn’t really like the fried alligator. Anna’s comment was “stringy chicken”. I kind of had to agree. Taste wise was ‘meh’ for me. But I did love the hot sauce which I used liberally.


The one thing we noticed as we were sitting there was it was kind of cold in the restaurant. It was a pretty warm night out so I can understand the air conditioner being on but maybe just a tad high?

Our main dishes came next. I started getting the sweats because I noticed that it was dark outside and the lights were now dimmed inside. Why? Because last time this happened (which was worse in that case), none of my pictures turned out and I had to give up on blogging about the new restaurant Locanda (which was awesome btw)!

I did end up taking a bunch of pictures while adjusting my camera settings but unfortunately I couldn’t get it right. I contemplated not posting the pictures of the main dishes but that felt so incomplete. So please forgive the poor lighting.

The chicken was good but didn’t seem as flavorful as some of the others I’ve had lately.

The Shrimp Po ‘Boy was done well but unsatisfying for me. Maybe because I was eating dinner and a sandwich didn’t really fit the bill. There was a dessert menu but we passed as we ended up heading to Nopa to meet up with some friends for dessert (hey gotta take advantage of kids-free night!)

I thought the service was good. I liked the atmosphere. But the food was only ok for me.  I felt a little “fried out” by the end but that’s my mistake if I chose too many fried dishes to try.

Boxing Room

399 Grove St
San Francisco, CA


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