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Freedom. I had a free Thursday which was made even better because it was super warm and sunny out. I had arranged to meet my friend for lunch at 12:15pm in front of HRD Cafe. I got there a few minutes before and was braced for a huge line based on reviews I had read. There was a line but surprisingly not that long.

Unfortunately my friend was stuck at work so I waited … and waited … and waited some more. During this time, I had stepped out of line and watched it grown and shrink many times over. From the looks of it, it attracted workers from all around the neighborhood. I think Little Skillet was nearby as well as I saw people with fried chicken and waffle takeout.

I decided to take a walk around the neighborhood as well since it was getting hot standing there. After a little over an hour of waiting, my friend finally came by and promptly told me she had to go back to work to deal with a fire drill!

I was famished and got in line. As I was waiting, I took a look at the menu which covered everything from breakfast items, sandwiches, burgers, subs, noodles,  and rice dishes. I debated between a number of dishes: Korean Kimchee Burrito, Korean pork chop, or short rib bibimbap. At this point, it really didn’t matter what since my stomach was eating itself.

Once I got close enough to order, I could see all the cooks and order takers hard at work.





I decided to get the burrito since I had heard so much about it. The order guy was very nice…and very sweaty. The restaurant was pretty hot inside and I think if I had decided to eat there I would have smelled like HRD food.

I waited maybe five minutes before my order was ready and then headed home. Was it worth the wait? It was pretty tasty and I used up all the hot sauce. I’d go check it out again and try some of the other dishes.

This was great start to my eating fest to come as I was headed to Hawaii with the family the next day to visit relatives! Stay tuned. Many Oahu blog posts to come…I’m hungry just thinking about it.

HRD Cafe

521 3rd St
Ste A
(between Bryant St & Taber Aly)
San Francisco, CA 94107

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