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I’m finally getting around to blogging about my late September trip to Hawaii which was awesome.

First off, every day we were there it was 86F with one day almost hitting 90F. Sunny. Blue water. Beach. Humid. Hot. Real Hot. Loved it. And so did the family. We got in around noon which is perfect because we still have the rest of the day to enjoy. We usually head somewhere for lunch.

This time we decided to meet my wife’s family at Zippy’s. I know it’s a chain but it’s probably the only chain I love. I don’t know why. My favorites are the fried chicken and chili over rice. So I ordered both.

After lunch we headed down to Waikiki to check into the Sheraton Waikiki. We were going to be splitting our time between this hotel and the Royal Hawaiian. They are adjacent to each other so the move between the two is pretty easy. The other benefit is the Sheraton Waikiki has this sweet pool with slides and two jacuzzis and if you stay at the Royal, you can still use the pool.

We hit the pool for the rest of the afternoon!

Everyone was pretty tired by dinner time so we decided to do takeout. But from where? I try to avoid anything I can get on the mainland if possible – Starbucks, Cheesecake factory, California Pizza Kitchen, etc.

I decided to try FATTY’S Chinese Kitchen which I heard was the go-to place in Waikiki. We’ve been staying at the Sheraton/Westin hotels in Waikiki for a number of years now and can’t believe I never knew about this place. I didn’t really expect much in terms of the food quality but if it was decent then at least we’d have a Chinese food option within walking distance.

I knew the restaurant was near the Miramar hotel and by the International Market Place. With that, I headed out to find it.

After walking down Kalakaua Avenue I turned and weaved my way though the International Market Place until it appeared.

Based on reviews I had read, I was half expecting there to be a huge lineup but maybe it was because I was there a bit earlier around 5:30pm. Instead there was one guy in front of me. The place is tiny with some bar stool seating and I think maybe a table or two but not much else.You basically take one giant step in the front door and you are at the cash register.

The heat from the kitchen combined with the humid hot weather made it very uncomfortable to step into the place I don’t know how these people could eat in there. While waiting I took a look at the menu posted on the door. These days I have to take into consideration what the kids will eat (spicy? – out. noodles? – in) so it sometimes messes with my true wants.

I also looked at the 1,2,3 choice menu. It reminded me too much of Panda Express so decided to pass on that.

And if for some reason I didn’t pass based on looking at the menu this would do it. Not that the food looked bad or anything but again it just reminded me of how Panda Express would dish it out.

Once it was my turn I decided on the Malay Noodles (spicy – yes) and the Shanghai Noodles (for the kids). The total bill was $17.50 before tax which I thought was kind of steep for Chinese noodles.

The wait wasn’t too long, maybe 10 minutes or so.


I thought the portions were more than decent. As for the food, it was ok. I probably liked the Malay Noodles better than the Shanghai Noodles. Would I go back again? I would. It’s convenient and close to the hotels we stay at.

FATTY’S Chinese Kitchen

2345 Kuhio Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96815

 (808) 922-9600     


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