Ethel’s Grill

Alright I’m a little behind in writing my posts. I should have a few more recipes to post soon (I’ve been testing a number of Chinese recipes) but in the meantime, here’s something to look forward to the next time you head to Honolulu. This is from our late September Honolulu trip so not the most timely but I had to get this one in since I think the place is great!

Anna’s cousin mentioned Ethel’s Grill. My friend mentioned Ethel’s Grill. I had to go to Ethel’s Grill.

It’s located west about a 15-20 minute drive from Waikiki and is near the Honolulu Airport. The area is pretty industrial with not much around except for the restaurant. However, across the street is another plate lunch place I want to try called Kahai Street Kitchen which is supposed to be excellent (thanks for the tip Janson!). Actually I had called them the day before after the kids had gone down for a nap in the hotel to see if I could go pick up something. They answered the phone but unfortunately it was 2pm and they close daily at 1:30pm.

We had texted our cousin Janson to see if wanted to join us and luckily he was free! He had to wait a bit for us as we got there a bit late. There wasn’t much parking around but I think Jason talked to the owner who said we could park in front of this chain link fence almost directly outside the restaurant.

The restaurant does have some parking in a residential garage but it was full.

It was a hot day and there wasn’t any shade from the heat as we waited for a seat. We had just missed a table because we were late!I think it was a good 15-20 minutes we had to wait and some people had to get some water in them!

Is our table ready yet?

While waiting, a bunch of workers asked us if we were waiting for a table and when we said yes, they turned around and left. Guess they knew the wait could be long.

Finally we got a table and Ethel (I think it was her!?) came out to get us.

The place was full and I was ready to eat!

The first thing I spied was the hanging menu.

Between all of us we ordered the Mochiko Chicken, Garlic Chicken and Japanese Hamburger Steak. We also had to have Ethel’s Famous Tataki Sashimi (side order portion – good deal at $5).

Each of the meals came with a miso soup, green salad, and ice tea or punch.

Here’s the punch.

Ice tea anyone?

Green salad with tasty dressing.

Miso soup. Average.

I liked the tataki sashimi (although I thought the tataki sashimi I had at Guu in Vancouver was better overall).

I loved the main dishes with my order of preference being mochiko chicken, garlic chicken, and hamburger steak. Good portions. Well made plate lunches.

Some people thought the garlic chicken was a bit sweet (they use maple syrup) but I thought it was just right.


Overall I loved this place and will head back here on my next trip to Hawaii.

Ethel’s Grill

232 Kalihi St
Honolulu, HI 96819

(808) 847-6467


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