Kare-Ken (Japanese Curry House)

Katsu Curry

I had drinks tonight at 620 Jones and decided to stop by to try Kare-Ken. No one was there when I arrived a little after 9pm.

What to order?

I struck up a conversation with one of the owners (who was very nice) and he suggested one of the katsu curries or maybe the dry beef. Sounded good to me so I ordered one of each. He asked mild, spicy or extra-spicy. I went spicy.

I asked him how business was since they’d opened and he said pretty steady so far. Would be it a good idea to call in an order and pick up (given the limited seating) and he said yes, a lot of people were doing that. Once an order was called in, it would only take 5-10 minutes.

I didn’t really much attention while waiting for my order but after I got home was wondering if they freshly fried up the katsu and onion rings.

For takeout orders, the curry was piping hot and came in a separate container. The Katsu was pretty meaty and fried nicely.The curry was a little sweeter than I’ve normally had it. Good though. Oh and it was SPICY. I think next time I’m going to tuck my tail between my legs,  go into the corner and order mild.

The tiny restaurant is located in the heart of the tenderloin and parking can be difficult. But I think I’ll have to risk it and come back to try this place a few more times.


552 Jones St
(between Ofarrell St & Geary St)
San Francisco, CA 94102

(415) 292-5273
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