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Spicy Miso Ramen

A few co-workers wanted to hit ramen for lunch but I was a bit busy with a few things at work so declined. However, I was curious where they were going given there are no decent ramen places near work. So I asked. And when they said, “Ramen Underground”, I was in.

It’s located along a strip of Kearny Street that has seen its share of places open and close in the past several years. I had heard of Ramen Underground from my wife who thought it was pretty decent.

We got super lucky when we arrived as there was some bar seating with our name on it. Literally two minutes after we sat down, there was a huge crowd outside. The place is pretty small with a few tables and the bar seating. Oh it’s cash only too.

The way it works is you pick the type of ramen you want and any additional toppings. They mention there is no msg in soup. The basic ramen comes with green onions and ONE slice of cha siu. One piece? Seemed weird for some reason. Guess I’ve never seen it like that before.

The waitress mentioned spicy miso was the most popular so who was I too argue? I added dumplings (you get two) and vegetables (which turned out to be fresh spinach) as extras.

While waiting I noticed the menu was on the wall as well. Notice you can add MSG for $1.

I think we maybe waited about 10 minutes for our ramen to come? Anyways, here’s it is.

Here’s mine. Notice my spoon is different than my co-workers above. Bowl different too.

The noodles had that slight chew and were more spaghetti like than other places. It was spicy but not torturous. I found the cha siu a bit salty for my taste. Decent sized piece though. The dumplings were fine.

All in all very decent and probably the best I’ve had in the city to-date (although that’s not saying much). I still prefer Santa Ramen and Ramen Halu but, of course, those are far away outside the city! One of my co-workers mentioned Ramen Dojo as one of her favorites which took the space of Santa Ramen when they moved further down the Hwy 101. Still on my list to try.

Good lunch. Good company. Ramen fix fulfilled.

Ramen Underground

355 Kearny St
(between Bush St & Pine St)
San Francisco, CA 94108
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  1. I actually read some reviews/articles about the place and the “MSG” option on the menu is actually a joke. Glad you were finally able to make it there and get rockstar parking AND a table to boot. ALWAYS crowded!

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