State Bird Provisions

CA State Bird with Provisions

I must admit when I first heard about State Bird Provisions and its “dim sum style” dining I was more than a bit skeptical. However, I kept it in the back of my mind. And I’m glad I did!

Anna booked a month in advance and we were able to get a 7:30pm reservation on a Saturday evening. It’s located in Lower Fillmore. A bit of a sketchy area but one of those areas where new restaurants seem to be moving in every day. Places such as Brenda’s Original Po’ Boys which will be coming in January!

The place was busy but not too crazy when we got there. Everyone was super friendly and helpful from the moment we entered the restaurant until we left. A+ for service.

When we sat down the waitress explained how things worked. There would be dim sum trays coming around and we could pick anything we wanted. We also could order a few select items from the menu.

She recommended a number of dishes including the Mendocino sea urchin ginger/scallion pancakes-soy-lime, CA state bird with provisions (quail),  beef cheek curry, and cumin lamb. There was also a sardine dish that had limited quantities. We just had to tell her and she’d reserve one for us. I say give me my omega 3s!

The waiter would explain each dish that came by and if we wanted it, s/he would check it off on the back of our menu. No pressure. Very friendly. I must say this was a much more pleasant way to eat dim sum than at a Chinese restaurant.

Here were the first two dishes we had. Dumplings on the left. Broth was great. And this garlic bread with burrata goodness on the right. Actually it was more that just good. I wanted to get another later in the meal but was too full.

Here’s another of shot of it.

Here’s what the dim sum came on. Some were on carts while others were hand carried trays.

I think this was called marvel stripe tomato with sweet corn and smoked salmon. Delicious.

So when we sat down, I noticed this guy who looked really familiar. Anyone watch Top Chef Masters?


Back to the dishes…

Washed down the sardine and other dishes with a nice cold beer.


CA state bird with provisions. You can order 1/2 or whole quail. We went 1/2 here but I could have eaten the whole one myself. It was cooked just perfectly; moist and juicy.

Mendocino sea urchin ginger/scallion pancakes-soy-lime. Anna didn’t like this as much as the other dishes. I thought it was decent but also liked the others better too.

Haricot verts, pickled-egg salad, nuts & seeds. Anna said too seedy. I liked it. Waitress liked it.

Haas avocado with seafood ‘salsa’. The waiter spoons on the ‘salsa’ if you want this dish. No mushy chips here!

Beef cheek curry. We both wanted some rice to go with this!

We were getting full. This mushroom dish came by. We got one. It was ok. Liked the others better.

Dessert consisted of cheesecake japonaise, griddled figs in sherry &honey and chocolate mint ice cream sandwich, raspberries. Both excellent!

Another shot of the ceesecake japonaise, griddled figs in sherry &honey. this time without a bite taken out of it!

I ordered a nice pot of Blue Bottle coffee to go with dessert. Hit. The. Spot.

Was it worth the price of the meal? Heck Ya!


State Bird Provisions

1529 Fillmore St
San Francisco, CA

(415) 795-1272

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