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My Hong Kong trip post is taking a long time to put together. So many pictures. So much food. In the meantime, here is something to remind you that I’m still here. August? Last post? Really? Too long.

Rich Table. Took over spot from the long running Paul K which I never felt inclined to try. Six months and going strong.

Food? Inventive. Visually appealing. Creative. Excellent.

Wine? Delicious. Reasonable.

Service? Very friendly. Very prompt. Very Timely. Very knowledgeable. Very good.

Atmosphere? Casual. Dimly lit. Busy but not overly loud. Well, the only negative was the lady beside us who was periodically hacking. No fault of her own really as it’s sick season but, you know, the loud deep hack. However, even she couldn’t take away from an enjoyable evening.

We had an awesome corner table where we could see the kitchen and the entire dining room.

Observations? One couple brought in a ‘newish’ born. Definitely less than a year. High chair inverted to carry infant car seat. They had what looked like a few appetizers and then headed out. Two kids under 10 with their parents sitting at another table. Tables were a bit close for my liking. Minor. Probably made more noticeable by the hacking lady next to us. Our friend’s friend came up to us to say, ‘hi’ as we were eating our dried porcini doughnuts, raclette.


Dried Porcini, doughnuts, raclette










Our waiter who reminded Anna of the love interest in the movie Bridesmaid explained how the menu worked. There were ‘Bites’ to start off with. Appetizers followed by a pasta section and then the main courses. You can eat everything family style if you wish which is what we did. I had two glasses of wine which was called ruche and was similar to a pinot noir. Anna had a glass of pinot noir failla.

After our doughnuts, we had ocean water cured halibut, oxalis, avocado and the dungness crab ‘louie’, romaine lettuce, saltine cracker.















Next came the bucatini, ciccioli, lichen, bergamot. Huh? I don’t know about you but I had to ask what this was.  Bucatini I guessed was the type of pasta. Ciccioli is made by compressing, drying, and aging fatty, leftover pieces of pork (taken from wikipedia). Lichen was the green leaves? Bergamot was the sweet stuff I tasted.  I think. Taken together, this was an extremely tasty dish. Made me want to, one, get a second order of it, and two, order one of the other pasta dishes. It was that tasty.


B U C A T I N I ,   C I C C I O L I ,  L I C H E N ,   B E R G A M O T











Now for the main courses. We shared the the charcoal grilled new york strip steak, chimichurri, white mushrooms and a roasted guinea hen breast, sprouting broccoli, asian pear. Anna thought the guinea hen was tastier than the steak. I thought both were good. Anna ordered the steak medium which translated to a  very evenly cooked pink piece of meat.

 R O A S T E D   G U I N E A   H E N   BR E A S T ,   S P R O U T I N G   B R OC C O L I ,   A S I A N   P E A R  



















At this point, I was stuffed. I couldn’t eat another bite. Could have asked for the check at that point and been satisfied. Glad Anna decided she wanted dessert. She ordered the mint chocolate cream, milk ice cream, chocolate sable and a small decaf coffee which came in a small french press and was good for a cup and half. Ice cream topped with a thin crunchy chocolate sable and subtle mint chocolate cream ‘kisses’ . Together it was fantastic.























I couldn’t eat another bite. Check please.

Rich Table Check                        













Rich Table

199 Gough Street (at Oak)

San Francisco, CA 94102.

(415) 355-9085


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