Time to go to Oahu and Maui! (7/19-7/28)


Better late than never. With that…

July 19th

After a 3 1/2 delay at  SFO we were on our way. BTW Delta sucks. They sent the wrong plane. Didn’t have some safety equipment for flying over water.  Plane is old as well. Thought I had old gum on my seat. Upon closer inspection it was, well, not sure. Other than I couldn’t get it off. Hawaiian Airlines. Where were you when I needed you?

We arrived after 9pm, grabbed our luggage and rental car. It was late. We were supposed to arrive around supper time and meet up with the grandparents and cousins. Not on the road until 10pm. Either way we were headed to the same place. Call it supper. Call it late night snack. Call it Zippy’s!

Chicken and waffles.

Fried chicken and waffles

Homemade Corned Beef Hash, Fried Rice & Eggs.

Homemade corned beef  and eggs

The dish I always get upon landing is Chili & Chicken mixed plate. Note the brown rice.

chili & chicken mixed plate

Chowing down…



July 20th


View from Sheraton Waikiki

Up early, Emma and I headed out for a short walk along the beach. We stopped off at the nearby Saint Germain where she wanted a … chocolate doughnut.

Emma chooses a chocolate donut

































Eating a doughnut while checking out the following sights makes for an extra good tasting doughnut.

Diamond Head


Sheraton Waikiki pool

We headed back to the hotel, got ready, and headed out to the KCC farmers market to check out all the vendors including my sister-in-law’s  No Ka ‘Oi Cookie Company. Try the butterflake cookie which is one of the most popular items on the menu!

No Ka 'Oi Cookie Company


Long line up for Kukui Sausage Company. Sausage on a stick. I didn’t feel like one so will have to try next time.

Kukui Sausage Company


Popsicle anyone?

Ono Pops


Strawberry lemonade Ono Pops on a HOT day!

Strawberry lemonade ono pops


































Some sweet tasting pineapples.



Bought a few of these excellent papayas.



BBQ abalone.

Fresh abalone






































We went to grab lunch at Rainbows.

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July 21

I had some free time since Anna’s cousin had a wedding shower – girls only. I contacted my local fellow food loving friend Paul and along with his daughter, we headed to Mitch’s Fish Market & Sushi Bar which is located in a plain looking building near the HNL airport.

We were seated in the near empty restaurant in the back room. Paul had brought some beers and we were able to get a bucket filled with ice.  Cold beers. Nothing better. We both ordered the Sushi Matsu and a number of items from the special daily menu. This was probably one of the best sushi places I’ve been too in all my visits to Hawaii.

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After a very satisfying lunch we headed to Costco to pick up a few things. On the way there, we passed Dee-Lite Bakery and wanted to check out the famous Guava Chiffon cake.

Dee-Lite Bakery

There was a family beach BBQ later so I decided to get a whole guava chiffon cake to share.

guava chiffon cake

I also saw a piece of rainbow cake to try.

rainbow cake

Glad I did. It was delicious!

I was really looking forward to the family beach BBQ. The cousins and brother-in-law brought grills and we had chicken, short ribs, sausages, and grilled rice musubi. All was quite good but I particularly liked the grilled musubi.Grilling teriyaki chicken, kalbi, and musubi, and sasuage

The spread

They don’t mess around!

night time bbq grilling

Moon coming up.

Ala Moana Beach Park

Sun going down.

Ala Moana Beach Park

After supper the kids wanted to look for and catch sand crabs in the water! Flashlights. Buckets. Nets. And off they went!

Ala Moana Beach Park crabbing

July 22

We got up early and headed to Mana Bu’s for some snacks. I’d been told this place sells out pretty fast so glad we went early. The shelves were still kind of bare although freshly made musubi was brought out while we were there.20130722_093932

Mana Bu's

We headed to Kualoa Ranch where Lils wanted to ride a horse.

Koaloa Ranch

Unfortunately when we tried to buy tickets we found out you had to be at least 5 years old. She sat down on the ground and cried! Looking longingly at the horses. Next time!

Kualoa Ranch

Instead we checked out the petting zoo. Not quite the same but it helped get over the disappointment.

Kualoa Ranch's petting zoo

It started to pour rain on our drive back into town. We were getting hungry. What to do? We drove by  Mike’s Huli Huli on the hwy and decided to turn back to check it out. Good decision.

Stopped at Mike's Huli Huli chicken food truck for lunch

Mike’s Huli Huli menu. What to have?…what to have? How about some shrimp and chicken?

Mike's Huli Huli Chicken Menu

Good choices. Take a look.

Garlic Shrimp

Doesn’t that look good? (although the mac salad was meh)

Garlic shrimp

Delicious and very moist huli huli chicken.

Huli Huli Chicken

We ate it all up sitting in the steaming car while it poured all around us. There were covered picnic tables but I think they were all wet.

To top it off, the guy taking the order asked me, “Kama’aina?”. Yes. We had Hawaii driver license as proof! No need.

I didn’t know this when we went there but I guess Adam Richman of  Man vs. Food fame had already been there. The guy on the left served me. Nice.

Man vs Food

That afternoon, we went for a swim on the military base with some family and then headed to Baldwin’s Sweetshop for some shave ice and snacks.

Baldwin's Sweetshop


Crack seed


Snacks and Shave Ice


shave ice

We returned to the hotel, cleaned up, and headed for dinner at Anytime Cafe which is a HK style cafe…kind of.


Anytime Cafe

Typical kid’s menu.

Kid's Menu

With fond memories of our HK visit last November 2013, I order yuanyang which is a combination of black tea, coffee, and milk.


Hmmmm…doesn’t taste so good. Oh yeah. forgot the liquid sugar.

yuangyang with sugar

Unfortunately that didn’t do the trick. Not so good. Couldn’t finish it.

The menu covers typical HK style dishes like baked pork chop with fried rice and things you’d find at a won ton shop.



We started with the pig’s feet which was probably the best dish on the night.

Pig's Feet

I ordered the baked pork chop and was pretty disappointed. Meat was too lean and not cooked properly. Too dry. The tomato sauce. Below average. Fried rice. Not much effort put in based on what I saw.

baked pork chop with rice

The kid’s spaghetti. Ok.

Kid's spaghetti

Beef tendon lo mein with choy.

beef lo mein

Jook was decent.


Halo Halo.
Halo Halo

Uncle John brought some brownies from Kilani Bakery to the restaurant.

Kilani Bakery brownies

They were excellent. Just the way I like them. Chewy. Chocolate. All. The. Time. And eaten in the second room otherwise known as the hotel bathroom. Kids asleep.


July 23

Bowling anyone? Not today but I do want to go to Aiea Bowl and try the food. It’s located about 5 miles north of the airport.

Aiea Bowl


Not too many people bowling today.


The menu looks pretty good.

Aiea Bowl menu

I have to try the oxtail soup.

Aiea Bowl menu

We start off with some fries. Thin, crispy, and tasty.


Furikake ahi and Tasty chicken mixed plate. Fish was so so but the chicken was….tasty! I think I’ll have garlic shrimp and tasty chicken next time.

Mixed plate

Oxtail soup was next. A little fatty but good flavor.

Oxtail Soup

I liked the accompanying sauce. It made the oxtail soup.

Oxtail soup sauce

Saimin. I guess I should have taken a picture showing the noodles. I had some but waited too long. Soggy. My fault.


I’m pretty full at this point but I can’t leave without some dessert. What to order?

Dessert options


Lemon crunch cake

It’s gotta be the famous lemon crunch cake. Slice here. And a slice to go please.

Lemon crunch cake

On the way back into town, we went to Ala Moana to pick out Lilly’s birthday cake at Saint Germain’s Bakery. Guess which one she wanted?

Saint Germain

On the way to the grandparent’s place we called ahead and picked up a pizza for the kids at J.J. Dolan’s.

 JJ Dolan's

Broccoli and Olives. $16 plus $1.50 per topping. Not my first choice when in Hawaii. But my first choice when kids are involved. Always. And yes, they like broccoli and olives.

Cheese, olive, and broccoli pizza pie

I had the opportunity to head out with my brother-in-law and his girlfriend for some late night grub. We tried to find a place in Waikiki. The go-to place was about to close. We also found out that the late night happy hour that runs from 10pm-1am is only Friday and Saturdays.

Chibo Restaurant

Where to go?

Drive along S King St until we hit the secret Japanese restaurant.


 Aki-no-No Sign

Interesting things on the wall as we walk in…

Wall of Aki-no-No


Wall of Aki-no-No

Wall of Aki-no-No

Not too busy yet. We were one of maybe 3 tables?

Aki-no-No kitchen

Let’s get the party started.


Good selection brother-in-law.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Need to wash all this down with an ice cold beer.


Excellent meal made all the better by being so unexpected.

 July 24

Let’s start the day off right with a little swim, sand, and sun.


Plantation iced tea is always good after a swim at the beach.

Plantation Iced Tea

Some snacks for the kids.

French fries and onion rings

I had something else in mind.

Chun Wah Kam Noodle Factory

Hmmm this doesn’t look like the right place.

Wait. Chun Wah Noodle Factory?

Chun Wah Kam Noodle Factory

I’m looking for this place which is around the corner.

Monarch Seafood

What’s for lunch?

Monarch Seafood counter

poke selections

I think I’ll have the crab stuffed ahi katsu plate which everyone raves about.

Crab stuffed ahi katsu plate

I can’t leave without some fresh poke. One each please – spicy and limu poke. I preferred the latter.


Here’s a better shot.

spicy poke

limu poke

Back at the hotel, I eat. Satisfying.

Monarch Seafood at the hotel

Kids are napping. Or so we thought. They escaped but we found them. Just in time to get ready for a special birthday celebration in the evening. Someone is turning 3.

We invited all the relatives to come celebrate with us.  We reserved the back tatami room. Let’s order some happy hour food and drink to start.



Happy hour drinks

Everyone finally arrived and the food just kept coming.

Everyone digging in.

The gang

Now for the special moment.

Birthday Cake

Everyone waited patiently.

Cake cutting

Side view of rainbow cake. Doesn’t that look good?

Rainbow cake

Good time had by all.

Private room


July 25

The next morning we picked up a few plate lunches from Gulick’s before heading off to the airport for an early afternoon flight. We were headed to Maui for a few days!

Picking up Gulick's okazuya before heading to the airport - Maui bound 20130725_104538 20130725_104709 20130725_104714 20130725_104720 20130725_104727 20130725_110046 20130725_110116 20130725_110129

Princess boarding. Please move aside.

Off to Maui

More to come…from Maui!

First stop was Guri Gurl

Gurl Girl



That’s ok. Let’s head to the resort.



Let’s eat!


Rustic Crab Dip.

Rustic Crab Dip


Long bread sticks and dips.

Bread Sticks

Kids got simple pasta – red and white sauce. Actually pretty tasty.


Sepiia Tagliatelle – calamari and sausage. This was quite delicious.



Tagliatelle pasta with squid and sausauge


I’m full. Good night.

Sunset at Westin


We decided to take a drive and check out some eats including shave ice at Ululani maui!

Ululani Maui

He didn’t like that I took this picture and asked me if I worked for a competitor. He was kind of joking…but not really. Ooops. Other than that we enjoyed the shave ice.

Shave Ice at Ululani maui














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